People - Our most important asset

For nearly 30 years, the Aihua Groups’ most important asset is its people. With a strong sense for social responsibility, the Aihua Group adheres to a people first principle. The Aihua Group is committed to bolstering diversity and an active lifestyle to its employees by promoting and supporting extracurricular activities. The company emphasizes the development of its personnel by offering on-going training, career planning, housing, various support funds and an overall rewarding work environment.

Housing Plan and Employee Activity Center

The Aihua Group realizes the importance of its employees and their contentment. Therefore, The Aihua Group has contributed over 60 million yuan in the development of living facilities for its employees. An additional 5 million yuan was used for the development of an activity center which includes a fitness room, library, movie theatre, internet lounge, yoga center, chess room and an outdoor lounge.

Training and Development

Through a supportive work environment, The Aihua Group’s employees can cultivate success in their careers. The company offers a variety of training courses to educate and develop the workforce. Additionally, The company will send over 50 employees annually to Japan for training and to promote diversity.