Corporate Social Responsibility

The Aihua Group does not only pride itself on being a leader in technology but also a leader in corporate social responsibility. Since its inception, The Aihua Group has contributed to the society, both in and around the communities where the company operates. With social responsibility as a core value of the company, it is important that The Aihua Group fulfills its obligation to the community. Moreover, the company’s vision of sustainability includes striving to make ongoing contributions to the society.

Community Service

Volunteerism has always been an essential part of The Aihua Group’s culture. The company always monitors its societal needs and encourages its employees to contribute with community service. The Aihua Group participates in many volunteer activities monthly and contributes thousands of hours in community service each year.

Charitable Funds

The company has set up an charitable fund in which a percentage of its profits are donated annually to helping underprivileged students, the disabled, and the elderly.

Charitable Donations

The Aihua Group takes pride in returning to the society and is the company’s ongoing endeavor. The Aihua Group’s recent contribution includes a 5 million yuan donation to the Heshan district and a 2 million yuan donation to the Huyang public educational system in 2012. In total 25 million yuan in charitable donations have been made in recent years.