Leading Technology

The Research and Development team at The Aihua Group is comprised of leading researchers and technologists from Japan, Taiwan and China and provides the innovative technology for the company’s business. Over 5% of revenues are invested annually in R&D and the group constantly works to seek out new raw materials and product designs to fuel the next generation of high performance capacitors. The Aihua Group is a specialized enterprise in that it has established 5 core technologies to date, led by its renown R&D team.

Machine Manufacturing

The Aihua Group manufactures and maintains machines used in the company’s production line. A patented three step automatic aging machine designed and developed in house is one such example of the company’s capability to create machines that contribute to the overall performance and consistency of the products delivered to customers.

Solid Polymer Design and Development

The Aihua Group has developed several series of solid polymer capacitors. These solid polymer capacitors combine very high capacitance, extraordinary low ESR, excellent frequency stability, and a non-ignite benign failure mode to make it a niche fit in space applications for both today and the future.

Electrolyte Technology

At The Aihua Group’s research lab and facility, a dedicated staff and state of the art equipment combine to develop The Aihua Group’s proprietary electrolyte solutions. This electrolyte is a core component to the company’s high performance capacitors characterized by high temperature, high voltage, and long life.

Foil Manufacturing Technology

The Aihua Group owns the most technologically advanced processes, machines and equipment for foil etching and foil forming. With a expansive and efficient foil production line, the company is capable of outputting 400,000 sq2 of foil annually.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Design and Development

The Aihua Group has focused on the research and development of capacitors for nearly 30 years. The company is a leading supplier of low to high voltage and high frequency low impedance capacitors, led by its independent electrolyte development and production.