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Manufacturing Plants
  • Hunan Aihua Group Co.,Ltd
    Screw Terminal,Snap In
    Location:Yiyang City,Hunan
  • Sichuan Aihua Electronics Co.,Ltd.
    Production: Snap In Power
    Supplies & Industrial
    Location: Deyang, Sichuan
  • Jiangsu Lifu Electrode Foil Co.,Ltd
    Production: Foil Etching Location: Nantong, Jiangsu
  • Mianyang Zijiang Electronic Elements Co.,Ltd
    Production: Radial Type Location:Mianyang,Sichuan
  • Sichuan Aihua Electrode Foil Co.,Ltd
    Production: Foil Forming Location:Ya'an,Sichuan
  • Yiyang Aihua Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
    Production: Machines Location:Yiyang,Hunan



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